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ART / WORK curated by Anna Kirk @Kudos Gallery

April 29, 2016

Make or Break, a collaborative project by Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo will be featured in an upcoming show at Kudos Gallery in May 2016. ART/WORK, curated by Anna Kirk explores the intersection of art and labour, art economies, and the nature of the artist as ‘worker’. It will question whether the artist is the [...]

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Make or Break @MCA Artbar

April 29, 2016

Make or Break will be performing their work Life Admin as part of the MCA’s April Artbar, curated by Kate Scardifield. For two hours, the artists will perform a continuous session of “life Admin” with their lives, bank accounts and personal emails being projected live onto the walls of the MCA foyer. MCA Artbar, April [...]

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NOMAD Residency October 2014

October 17, 2014

Time_Place_Space: Nomad is a national travelling laboratory that aims to challenge, invigorate and strengthen interdisciplinary and experimental arts practice in Australia, with an emphasis on collaborative performance making, site-specificity and artistic resilience. Time_Place_Space is a co-production between Performance Space and ArtsHouse Melbourne. Participating artists: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Imposter Complex @ Method in Madness

September 8, 2012

Last month, Julian Berengut and I performed Impostor Complex as part of Method in Madness, curated by the ever-talented Megan Garrett-Jones. Allegedly common among academics and other high-achievers, impostor complex describes a person’s inability to internalise their accomplishments, resulting in a belief that they are incompetent despite clear evidence of success in their field. Sufferers [...]

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Method in Madness, curated by Megan Garrett-Jones as part of 20/20

August 17, 2012

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.” (Polonius to an apparently lovesick Hamlet) A one-night exhibition and performance event featuring: Post Connie Anthes and Julian Berengut Penelope Benton and Alexandra Clapham Marcus Whale and Jonno Watts curated by Megan Garrett-Jones This night is the epic battle of art v science. Failing that, [...]

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D.I.A (performance detail), 2011. Installation with donkey, theatre curtains, pulleys, weights, rig and ropes. Dimensions variable. Photograph by Dara Gill.

D.I.A. @ MOP, 2011

July 17, 2011

D.I.A. D.I.A. was a collaborative project commissioned by MOP Projects as part of showcase of work by artists-directors of artist run galleries (or ARIs) in Sydney; in this case Firstdraft Gallery, where I was a Director in 2009/10. Conceived and developed as a performing installation, the show took the form of an elaborate stage curtain [...]

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