ART / WORK curated by Anna Kirk @Kudos Gallery

April 29, 2016

Make or Break, a collaborative project by Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo will be featured in an upcoming show at Kudos Gallery in May 2016.

ART/WORK, curated by Anna Kirk explores the intersection of art and labour, art economies, and the nature of the artist as ‘worker’. It will question whether the artist is the ideal model for the post-Fordian worker (creative, flexible and cheap); and examine ideas of outsourced labour, labour distribution, economic success, investment and durational practice.

Participating artists include: Frances Barrett, Mitchel Cumming, Dara Gill, Marian Tubbs, Astrid Lorange, 110%, Get To Work collective, Andrew Liversidge, Agatha Gothe-Snape and Alex Gawronski.


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