Super Six, curated by Gilbert Grace @ DNA Projects

Super Six engaged seven artists to explore the architectural, environmental, social and historical aspects of asbestos in the built environment. 4 works were produced for this show: two ephemeral installations which included an inflatable cloud sewn from an unpicked and reassembled Tyvek® HazChem suit and a snowball constructed from the original unpicked seams of the same suit. These evoke the body – now everpresent in any consideration of the material – and remind us of asbestos’ many uses, which once included fake snow scenes in Hollywood films like The Wizard of Oz. Accompanied these works were two small painted anthropomorphised portraits of asbestos, which explore the malevolent beauty of the material itself.

Curated by Gilbert Grace, the artists included: Connie Anthes, Warren Armstrong, Sarah Breen Lovett, Gilbert Grace, Georgina Pollard, Peter Williamson and Alex Wisser at DNA Projects, 3 Blackfriars St, Chippendale NSW.

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