Future Spaces @ Paper Plane

As part of a show curated by Lucy Ainsworth at PaperPlane in Sydney, Future Spaces examined the artist’s capacity to transform space in a way that transports us unfamiliar territory to experiment with notions of what is possible. Exhibiting alongside 4 artists including Bababa International, Teo Treloar, Tully Arnot and Biljana Jancic, two new works were developed for the gallery space: a site-specific intervention in the gallery and a single painting. Untitled (Excavation #1) rendered a fictional space in paint inspired by computer-generated infomatics of the 90’s, which generated echoes of cell structures alongside Untitled (Door Void #1) by revealing the internal workings of a standard hollowcore door. In this work, an existing storeroom door was replaced and then activated as a viewing space, which one reviewer described as “the sensation you’re looking out from the belly of a warm golden snake”.


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